Valeria Feliu creating her own universe of muses

Valeria Feliú is an artist based in Argentina… and of course we met online! 

She creates beautiful portraits mixing a realist style with her own approach of symmetry, color palette, texture and graphic patterns. She includes abstract elements in her portraits and give them a unique signature. Her goal is to combine strength and delicacy, that she considers two aspects of womanhood.

She’s currently having a solo show at ‘Casa de Salta’ Buenos Aires, Argentina, featuring 18 oil paintings that will be on display until 29 March. For those who like me, will not be able to visit her show, here are some photos and more information about her work. Thanks Valeria!

What was your artistic path?

From an early age I developed an interest in the creative and artistic fields, and pursued personal projects within ceramics, drawing, painting, and photography. Then while studying a Visual Communication degree, I attended the workshop of a renowned Argentine painter – Adolfo Nigro-, under Torres García´s “universal constructivism” art movement and was influenced by this experience. Later on, I moved to Sydney, Australia where I studied interior design and worked in the architectural and design field before moving back to Argentina. I am now a full-time painter, focusing my interest in realism and the human condition.

Tell us about your current solo exhibition

I am presenting my latest work in a solo exhibition titled ‘HOMAGE OF MUSES AND INSPIRATION – REDEFINING THE CONTEMPORARY PORTRAIT’, where my goal is to bring to life new muses intended to be a source of inspiration for everyone,

While creating my paintings, I saw the opportunity to create ”inspiration”. “It’s more than a mental and physical force; it is emotional and spiritual and makes people achieve extraordinary things at a higher level. I believe it’s such a powerful tool!! Not only to greater our lives and endeavors, but to arrive to an entire better society.

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