Lucinda Grange photographer of the extreme

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 10.02.40 amLucinda Grange is a photographer of the extreme. She has traveled the world and climbed on iconic structures and buildings, bringing back with her, cliches that are breathtaking and unique. 

Lucinda uses photography as a means of self expression and to “excite, intrigue, educate, and most of all, make people feel inspired:  to see and interact with the world differently, to get more enjoyment, adventure and excitement in their day to day life.”  Some critics say her work is too extreme and not worth the risk… They missed the point: she is an expert climber trained since her childhood and the photography is happening because she’s climbing “I would do this, and have done this, without a camera”. Not the other way around. I see her work as an expression of freedom and inner strength. A young woman, expert at what she does, who wants to follow her passion and the bonus is that she shares her adventures with us. 

The young artist is always on the lookout for new adventures so stay tuned. To discover more of her work, don’t miss her next solo show City Cross-Section on view at Lyle O Reitzel Gallery, New York from January 17 to February 15, and of course follow her on social media @lucindagrange.

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What do you want to achieve through your artwork?

luci-insta-squareThrough my artwork I want to excite, intrigue, educate, and most of all, make people feel inspired. Inspired by the cities we live in. Inspired to see and interact with the world differently, to get more enjoyment, adventure and excitement in their day to day life. This can be seen very clearly through ‘City Cross-Section’, a project thats been ongoing for a decade now, and I’m sharing it for the first time at Lyle O Reitzel Gallery. In ‘City Cross-Section’ I detect the city around us, sharing locations of the same attitude and longitude, but different altitudes, collaged in a single frame. For example, who would have thought there’d be a forgotten subway station UNDER City Hall in NYC? Its got stained-glass windows, chandeliers, rich deep green and cream tiles. It’s stunning!

For your series “Backwards and in High Heels”, how do you find or convince (!) your models? Who are these brave ladies?

‘Backwards and in High Heels’ is one of my favourite projects because of the people that model for me. I approach woman that inspire me, that I want to shoot. I want to capture how it feels to know them, as well as highlight their strengths and abilities as women, while also challenging the female stereotypes. This collection is available exclusively with Azart Gallery. A woman owned and run gallery. The owner of which, Latifa, is a huge inspiration, I’d love to photograph her next!

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 10.04.19 amYou also work for galleries. What did you learn from it as an artist?

I do! This started with my first solo show back in 2011, when I had my first solo show at Hartlepool Art Gallery, a beautiful converted church in the middle of my home town.  They let me help and be around behind the scenes. I got to curate the layout for the show and see how much of it works. This insight was very inspiring. When I moved to NYC I started working with more galleries, in Chelsea, the Lower East Side, art fairs and pop ups. I believe every artist should work or intern at a gallery for at least three months. I believe what you learn from being on the other side of the conversation will teach you invaluable lessons on how to work with galleries as an artist. I believe this has lead to me working with the three Galleries I work with; Azart Gallery who represent my ‘Backwards and in High Heels’ collection, Lyle O Reitzel Gallery who represent my bridge based work, and will be showing ‘City Cross’Section’ for the very first time, and Edgework a London based platform that have a small selection of images.

Is there a shot that you particularly like and why?

Different shots are treasured for different reasons, but mostly due to memories. I try to capture the moment, the environment, as well as the emotions felt when I’m at a place, and with a person or a group of people, and some I love simply for the adventure itself.

Is there an anecdote that you would like to share?

There’s so many stories and locations, from escaping on camelback from the gun carrying security having just climbed the great pyramid, to standing on the eagle of the Chrysler building with a leg brace under my dress.

screen shot 2019-01-10 at 10.04.57 amWhat do you say to people who think that what you’re doing is not worth the risk?

I can completely understand why someone would think that. But the truth is, I would do this, and have done this, without a camera. Interacting with the city like this helps me feel at home, and it’s quite cathartic. I capture the images, share them along with the stories of wild adventures so others can live vicariously, without having to take the risk themselves.

What is your wildest dream?

I’m reluctant to say, as I want to make it a reality, but it’s tall! And I want to stand on top of it!

What are your upcoming projects?

I’ve got a number of projects on the go. City Cross-Section is ongoing, I’m working on a book with the amazing writer Adrian Brune, and some other things I’m not quite willing or able to talk about yet ….. watch this space…

To know more about Lucinda Grange

IG @lucindagrange

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