ManMade By Nature at UNIX Gallery curated by Natasha Schlesinger

ManMade By Nature is an exhibition on view from September 5 – October 26 2019, in Chelsea, New York at the UNIX Gallery and introducing eleven diverse artists who rethink the presentation of nature. Conceived as a way to both highlight and reconcile a natural world confronted by dramatic ecological changes, each artist showcases work that activates the space with an artistic demonstration underpinned by environmental calls to action.

Art to develop awareness

“Climate change is real and human existence is at stake. The solution is at times both overwhelmingly impossible to achieve and right in front of us. What can anyone of us do to help? Can we perhaps take individual and collective small steps as well as inspire others around us to join in the efforts to heal this planet? Can we influence change and celebrate the natural treasures around us?” asks Natasha Schlesinger, curator of the show and founder of Art Muse NY“For someone whose glass is inevitably half full, not empty, art can suggest hope and creative solutions and possibilities for redemption. So my show is called ManMade by Nature as a way to engage artists looking at nature through the lens of technology and its potential to save rather than destroy” 

Eleven artists with different universes and a scent experience

This diverse exhibition presents works of artists working in different mediums : painting, photography, installation or video by Yorgo Alexopoulos, Jonny Detiger, Norbert Brunner, Vanessa Harden, Stephanie Hirsch, Jessica Lichtenstein, Zheng Lu, Jason Middlebrook, Tatyana Murray, Jonathan Paul, and Christian Voigt.

It will also include a scent experience, “By Nature,” created by Natasha Roberts. “By Nature,” is also available as a fragrance in limited quantities, to benefit Bottomless Closet and ArtStart.

Sneak peek 

Contact for more information:

UNIX Gallery 513 West 26th Street.

open Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

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