Elizabeth Mikellides is painting music

Elizabeth Mikellides is a Greek-Cypriot artist currently based in Surrey, UK. The focus of Elizabeth’s practice is at the intersection of music and drawing. She refers to it as ‘Drawing Music’ or ‘Drawing Sound’.

I’ve had the chance to connect with Elizabeth thanks to ArtCan since we’re both members and I’m happy to share her story. You can follow her on Instagram @elizabethmikellides

Elizabeth’s grew up learning piano, centering mostly on Bach, Mozart and Chopin. At the age of 14 Elizabeth took art lessons by Greek-Cypriot artist Petros Ptohopoulos whilst living in Cyprus. In Ptohopoulos’s studio, Elizabeth was taught traditional drawing techniques like copying using the grid system and using a plumb line as a measuring tool to draw Ancient Greek busts. Here also, Elizabeth was exposed to systems, developing her eye for detail and perfection.

Elizabeth’s family returned to the UK in 1996 and she pursued her interest in art going on to study at Central Saint Martins, Camberwell College of Art and finally The Slade for her MA. Under the tutorship of Angela Eames, then BA Drawing course leader at Camberwell, Elizabeth found a way to finally combine her love for both art and music whilst investigating what the practice of Drawing, in its own right, really was. This is the critical point in her practice where she started looking at how drawing could represent sound and how sound could then be portrayed as a drawing.

After her studies, Elizabeth moved to Belgium, pursuing a career in teaching. Beginning first as an English teacher due to high demand, Elizabeth then started up her own weekly Art classes with popular summer camps that followed. After recently returning to England, Elizabeth is enjoying readdressing Drawing Music.

How does being an artist inform your sense of identity? 

Art is a part of me like a character trait – a positive one!  

Where do you look for inspiration?

Classical and experimental music as well as other artists. 

What women have been role models for you?

I’ve been fortunate to have had strong women in my life, both art teachers and music teachers but the one I looked up to the most and still do is Angela Eames, my BA Drawing Tutor at Camberwell College of Arts, London.

Who is your favourite woman artist? Lydia Okumura

What 5 words describe your work?

#conceptual #sounddrawing #colourmusic #disciplined #methodical

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