Sandra Felemovicius inspires and raises money with her #ArmyofArtists

When the pandemic started, Sandra Felemovicius, an abstract contemporary artist from Minneapolis, felt she had to do something to help.

“My husband is a physician that cares for patients daily. I decided I could also make a difference while staying at home,” said Sandra.

She wanted to keep people inspired from their homes and so in April, she started a series of interviews called “Tap into Your Creativity” over Instagram Live with other artists shared to her thousands of followers  on her account—@sandrafeleart

“I reached out to fellow artists to see if they were interested in giving insight about their artistic path and ideas, in efforts to come together as a community. The response was overwhelming and humbling. After just a few days, I brought together an army of artists.”

In order to go even further, Sandra asked each of the participating artists to donate a piece of original artwork to be sold as part of a collection, with all proceeds going to Feeding America. As of today the total amount is close to $20K and counting.

In a few months, Sandra has interviewed over 55 artists, gallery owners, interior designers, art curators and art professionals. “Tap into your Creativity,” has grown immensely, with Sandra interviewing artists all over the US, Mexico, Egypt and Australia. 

That’s how I met Sandra, through the interviews she did of common artists friends, and I am happy to be soon among the participants of her great project.

During a time where people are isolated and feel so much disconnect and loneliness, Sandra has built an online community of creativity and inspiration, composed of people all intertwined by one ideal: their love of art, and helping the community at large.

A project in line with her artistic work

Sandra cites this favorite quote from Richard Pousette-Dart “I strive to express the spiritual nature of the universe. Painting is for me a dynamic balance and wholeness of life; it is mysterious and transcendent, yet solid and real,” captures the heart of who I am as an artist.

“I can be inspired by a fragment of a rock or a wall that catches my eye, and incorporate simple forms, shapes and lines into my work”. Always beginning with a small sketch that she later transfers to a full scale painting, she builds her surfaces using mixed media with multiple layers, resulting in a combination of light, color, forms, and shapes that creates a comforting balance.

Know more and follow Sandra Felemovicius

Contact:  or 612-270-0907

Follow “Tap into Your Creativity” every saturday at 12:00pm CST and listen to previous interviews on Instagram @sandrafeleart

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