Patricia Miranda is “Seeing Red” at Odetta Gallery

Patricia Miranda is an interdisciplinary artist, working with textile installation, paper and books. She is currently exhibited in a solo show at ODETTA Gallery, Harlem, NY, titled “Seeing Red”. The exhibition on view until September 26, 2020 includes textile installations, paper, books, and video in a universe pigmented in the historical color cochineal.

On top of her busy art practice, Patricia Miranda is a curator and educator, founder of The Crit Lab with graduate-level critique seminars and residency, and MAPSpace project space.

Linens with stories

All the vintage linens in the exhibition are from Miranda’s Italian and Irish grandmothers, and sourced from friends and strangers around the country,

Each individual donation is documented and integrated into the work, in an accompanying webpage and artist book. The relationship of craft and women’s work (re)appropriated by contemporary artists to environmental and social issues is integral to Miranda’s investigations. For Miranda, textile is an intimate material that wraps our bodies from cradle to grave. The lace inserts a visceral femininity into the pristine gallery space, and exerts a ghostly trace of the history of domestic labor. The economy of lacemaking for women is further contextualized in this exhibit by the Harlem townhouse where ODETTA Gallery resides, built in the time of high lace production.

A process with an ecofeminist message

Miranda submerges the textiles, books and paper in natural dye created from cochineal insects, pounded into powder, and sublimated into a workable, rich, red liquid. Cochineal has a long role in the history in the
Americas, valued for its saturated and wide-ranging spectrum of scarlet to magenta hues. Cochineal played an important role in the Spanish interventions in the New World in textile and pigment production, and is in use today as a non-toxic food dye.

For the artist, the use of textile is an ecofeminist framework for creating monumental works with a small environmental and physical footprint. The materials are repurposed and bio-degradable, the works are adaptable, lightweight, structurally strong, and portable. Mournful and solastalgic, they are lamentations to the ongoing violence against women and the earth.
The artist will also exhibit small books and book pages deaccessioned from a convent library, pigmented with cochineal and threaded with freshwater pearls. The book pages include pearls sewn over the gendered
words, notably almost entirely male.

Learn more on her website : and Follow on Instagram @patriciasuzannemiranda

A Gallery in the heart of Harlem

ODETTA exhibits works by mid-career artists who have honed their craft and their vision. Directed by artist Ellen Hackl Fagan, special interest is given to contemporary painting, sculpture, glyphs, music, Color Field, Buddha Mind, Minimalism, playfulness and encyclopedic obsessiveness.

ODETTA and EHFagan Studio are located at:
64 West 127th St., #1
New York, NY 10027

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