Adeline Cubères and Samuel Goupil: founders of Artwork in Promess

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Samuel Goupil and Adeline Cuberes

According to Picasso “art cleanses our soul from everyday dust.” A statement that takes on its full meaning in this pandemic period when art allows us to escape and express our emotions. 

It is the conviction that art is central to our lives that motivated Adeline Cubères and Samuel Goupil to found Artwork in Promess. Their team offers companies to “bring art everywhere you don’t expect it” and “creates committed artistic experiences.” Their team is involved in office development projects, redesigning a customer journey or brand communication. For this, they make the link between companies and artists around a project while ensuring to meet the objectives of the company while respecting the universe of the artist.

Via their platform, they also run a blog and podcast, Les PassionariArts, “which gives voice to inspiring and committed women in the arts.”

There is no doubt that after this period of social distancing, we will want to meet again more than ever and the two founders have no shortage of projects. Discover the journey of these passionate young entrepreneurs.

How was born Artwork in Promess and how does your duo work?

We are partners in life as in work. In our relationship as a couple, we have always enjoyed sharing our ideas, methods and tools, and enriching each other with our very different and very complementary visions… we have started to join forces and bring our skills together to highlight the work of an artist painter, Roger Cosme Estève, around his first Parisian exhibition. I have worked in the art world, out and then in Paris. I wanted to create a company that could renew the artistic commission beyond the public commission. The artistic commission for a personal and intimate interior, as well as for companies and brands. With Samuel we followed our intuition and believed strongly in this concept, and today, 3 years later and even if there is still a lot to do, we are proud of what we have already accomplished and especially to observe that our convictions have only strengthened.

Our functioning is limpid, natural: He is the left brain and I am the right brain. I am intuition and creativity, it is pragmatism and thoroughness. It’s funny because it tends to evolve a little and we influence each other more and more… We are especially lucky to complement and to understand each other while bringing each our vision, in an egalitarian way without it being codified. This is one of the keys to our successes.

You have several achievements to your credit, which ones are you most proud of?

We loved working in the Orange Opera store in Paris, a magnificent place of 2000 m2 where we set up an artistic operation over several months in which we present 4 series produced by 2 contemporary artists Vénissia Kay and Encoreunestp, on the theme of digital uses and their cultural roots as well as technological recycling.

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 2.27.29 PM
Orange store in Paris – Photo Artwork in Promess

The commission from the brand was simple but tricky to carry out in a context as sensitive as a point of sale for a very large brand. Our ambition was to insert breaths into the customer journey, to give visitors the opportunity to question their use of new technologies and social networks and to allow them to transform their waiting time into a fun and culturally enriching moment. It seems to be a success since the operation which was to end in February has been extended until next September.

Among other great achievements, we also collaborated with Engie and Léona Rose on an important event about carbon emissions and a what would be a dream Good Planet, on a large format canvas, which is now on the premises of Engie in La Défense; then with EDF, we made employees aware of a crucial subject alongside Sheina Szlamka: the inclusion of people with disabilities in the company.

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 2.30.36 PM
Artist Leona Rose – photo Artwork in Promess

We are quite proud to find in each of our realizations important societal and environmental subjects, supported by our clients and which artistic creation allows to highlight in a singular and sincere way. Today, this is truly what is at the heart of our reflections: associating artists, companies and brands to create works of art and artistic operations that positively advance society.

You also produce the podcast Les PassionariArts dedicated to inspiring and committed women of the Arts. What is your objective with this podcast?

We want to give voice to inspiring and committed women in the Arts, whether they are artists or professionals in the arts and culture, wherever they live, and whatever their origin: we want give voice to all women!

Art and culture still suffer from inequalities and sexism, The PassionariArts claims a positive feminism which gives keys and inspiration for future generations to integrate this sector or these professions which are sometimes perceived as favoring men, or seem closed and elitist.

Our guests share their journey as women and show us that art is also a means of advancing the condition of all. It is extremely enriching personally, and I believe, from the first feedback I have received, that it is also for our listeners whatever their gender!

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 2.32.26 PMWhat are the upcoming projects?

We want to create works of art and creative artistic experiences which, once the crisis of Coronavirus over, will allow employees to find themselves in pleasant and stimulating work environments. With social distancing, loneliness is growing: art and creation enable teams to bond and to unite again with poetry!

For Les PassionariArts there are many projects, we would like to go beyond the podcast to continue broadcasting the words of our guests, why not a book or a very nice event in a few months? We would also like to go beyond the French borders, this would give another perspective to the whole project… to follow on and !

How to work with you?

By contacting us for a coffee! We only work with clients, artists and partners whom we meet and with whom we click. 🙂

You can write to us on Instagram or directly via our website:

You can also contact us on Linked’in : Adeline Cubères & Samuel Goupil

Adeline Cubères

Co-founder of Artwork in promess

Direct line: 07 77 88 29 49

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