Art shows in 3 D? Yes please!

We all agree, art is made to be experienced in person. Still most of the time, we experience art in 2D through a (small) screen rather than in the ideal space of a museum or gallery. 

The positive aspect of the digital age is that art becomes more accessible. Who has the time (and money) to travel the world to see art? Only a few.

And since art is made to be shared, online platforms are an ideal way to do so. There are quite a few options to experience art (or buy art) online. One of them is Artland, a platform connecting art lovers and galleries worldwide and now available in the USA.

What I liked about it, is that it provides consumers with an immersive 3D view of a gallery’s entire exhibition, allowing users to experience the art (almost) as if they were walking around the gallery in person. And if you’ve missed an exhibition, it can still be among the accessible online exhibition (they announce 1,000 exhibitions from more than 500 galleries).

Check out for example this exhibition of Kehinde Wiley at Galerie Templon  held last spring in Paris.

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 8.36.36 AMAnother particularity of Artland is the option for art collectors to share their own private collections to fellow art enthusiasts by uploading them to their profiles in the community. I truly believe that art collecting is an art in itself and it’s interesting to see how these passionate persons build their collections.

“Today’s consumer expects to do nearly everything from their smartphone, so Artland is set to ensure the industry meets those on-demand needs as other e-commerce markets have previously. We want to bring art to a broader audience of people, in a way that is simple, streamlined, and not intimidating. We believe we’ve done that with Artland.” says Mattis Curth, CEO and Co-founder of Artland.

Artland has made recordings at some of the world’s foremost galleries, including established leaders like Gagosian, Sean Kelly, Lehmann Maupin, Kukje, Max Hetzler, Sprüth Magers, Michael Werner, Levy Gorvy…

It will be interesting to see how art s evolves with technology and how we can become even more immersed with it. Cave artists shared their art on their wall, we share art on our digital walls :-). The technology evolves, the instinct of sharing art remains.


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