A French blogger invites us to discover southern New England

Article disponible en Français sur French Quarter Magazine

Expatriation provides an opportunity to discover new places and look around with a curious eye. When she arrived in the smallest state of America, Rhode Island, Delphine Rouleau fell under the spell of this beautiful area. It inspired her to create the blog Live from Rhode Island and then write Entre Boston et New York, a guide to southern New England. So why not explore the treasures between New York and Boston this summer? Follow the guide!

How long have you been in Rhode Island and what brought you here?

I live in Rhode Island since 2012. We moved from France when my husband got a job opportunity inside his company.

What gave you the idea of this guide?

I was writing posts for my blog about Rhode Island and New England and I was inspired by other French bloggers who wrote their own books. I then though that I should write a travel guide since I knew a lot about the South of New England. And I didn’t find a lot of travel guides specifically for this part of New England.

Who is it for and how did you build it?

My travel guide is for travelers who want to discover New England outside the big cities and want to visit places that they don’t always find in a travel guide or /and want to live a New England experience. If you are visiting New England or just travelling between New-York and Boston this guide is for you.

I divided the guide into the 3 States that are situated in the South of New England which are the Massachusetts, the Rhode Island and the Connecticut. Inside each state, you will find either typical New England towns or cities to discover, museums to visit, activities to do and/or restaurants to try. I give you the directions to these places from the Highway I95 which is the road you take when you are travelling between Boston and New York. I also give you website links to all the museum, activities and places as well as the open hours and prices.

A favorite address for our readers?

I can recommend a lot of good places but since I live in Rhode Island I think that the Matunuck Oyster Bar in Wakefied is the restaurant to go if you want to experience the best of Rhode Island food. Another place I like is the Chatham Squire in Cape Cod . First it is in the gorgeous town of Chatham and second, it’s a pub and the atmosphere will give you a test of New England.

Can you tell us more about your blog?

I first started my blog because I wanted my readers to discover a state that few people know, the beautiful Rhode Island. I didn’t know about Rhode Island before I moved in. My intention was to invite my readers to come and visit this part of New England. So I share the best places you can see, the restaurants I like to eat, the activities you can do.

I decided to extend my blog to New England and also to share my experience as a French expat and a mom dealing with a new school system and culture.

How would you describe your state?

When you live in Rhode Island you feel that you’re on vacations (except during winter ). The ocean is everywhere, there are festivals, music concerts, beaches and boats all around the state. In summer it is such a great place to live you don’t want to go somewhere else.

Where can the guide be purchased ?

You can buy my guide on my website or here . You can also buy it on Amazon.fr or com

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