Meeta Garg: An artist in love with Life

image1 (4)Meeta Garg aim is to “evoke feelings of happiness, beauty, well-being and joy of life”. She is inspired by the elements of nature water, air, earth and creates beautiful paintings playing with the colours and textures.

After a career in business she followed classes at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. After a few years in London, where she started her artist career, Meeta moved to the New York area where she now lives and work. She’s been recently featured in the Magazine Vogue UK and has many projects ahead both in Europe and the USA. I am happy to present her work and thanks for your time!

image8Tell us about yourself: Where do you live? What is your background?

I was born in India and after I completed a master in business development, I followed a career in that discipline. My passion for art and my travels around the world led me away from this first career. As an artist, I have lived in London and am now based in the New York area.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 11.25.04 AM
Meeta’s artwork featured in Vogue UK

What is your artistic path?

I took some art courses at Central Saint Martins College of Arts, London, but I consider myself mainly self-taught. My mom is a great artist and an expert with oil painting. Every summer holiday, I used to do one or two paintings under her guidance. What started as a hobby during my childhood, turned into my career. My art career took off while living in London. London being one of the hubs of art, it is difficult to stay away from art there: it is all around you. I started to work with a few galleries there and was happy to get a positive reception to my work.

What is your objective with your art? My art is about me, and my feeling of positivity in every aspect of life. I try to capture the everyday world around me like the moon, nature or simple things like my daughter learning guitar, with my own point of view. My artwork is a representation of the positivity I see in different places or objects, thoughts or memories. My main objective is that the artwork should evoke a feeling of happiness, beauty, joy and positivity.

image9Can you describe your artistic process? I started to work with oils then shifted to acrylics. One day, I followed a course of mixed media and I felt as if the world had opened up for me and I could finally put down my thought process on a canvas. Mixed media gives me the opportunity to keep trying different textures with different mediums. It gives me a feeling of freedom since I can try to use numerous things like sand, stone, cloth, paper, ink etc. to get the look I am aiming for. With mixed media it’s very difficult to stick with one style as you keep getting new options all the time. I start my canvas with an idea and thought but with no final design on my mind. My work is full of different layers and each layer represents my thoughts at that point in time. 

image4 (1)Who are your favorite artists or influencers? I have a big list from known, unknown, emerging or established artists, but to name only a few: Monet, Warhol, Rudolf and my mom!

How do you get inspired for your new creations?

My inspiration comes from the world and nature, similarities and differences in different parts of the world. Every time I travel, I come back with different ideas and thoughts to put on a canvas.

Do you have an anecdote that you’d like to share?

Everything happens for a reason and every “negativity” has something positive, it’s the way you look at things that matters.

What is the question you’re asked you the most?

How long does it take you to create one artwork?

What is the question you’d like to be asked?

Anything about the inspiration behind a particular work or about the different kind of layers I put on my canvases.

image10What are your projects for the coming months?

I am working on a series of artworks depicting festivity and happiness through the color gold. I am also happy to be quite busy working on some commissioned works after a summer filled with family and friends from all over the world!

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