Anne Vandycke: the infinite possibilities of duality

15726666_1252384764839610_183532215000651608_nWhen I first saw the art of Anne Vandycke I felt as if the sharp edges and bright colors of Carmen Herrera had met the softer strokes of Nicolas de Stael. Her work is centered on the concept of duality and the infinite possibilities beyond this duality. A duality which is part of her background: she’s an European citizen, living and working in NYC. She has MBAs and has studied Art at the National Academy and Columbia University (among others). She’s a painter and a writer… In short, she’s the living proof of the infinite possibilities when you start looking outside of the frame!

She will be showing her work at the Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art and she kindly invites you to get a complimentary ticket to the fair! (see below). Thanks Anne!

Tell us about yourself: Where do you live? What is your background?

I’m a Belgian Contemporary Artist Painter born in Brussels and also a French citizen, living and working in New York. This background has led me to be able to study art both in New York and Paris: in New York at Columbia University, at the National Academy School & Museum and also at the School of Visual Arts ; in Paris at the Atelier d’Arts Plastiques des Arts Décoratifs.

Before being a full time artist, I got MBAs in Belgium and France and was a consultant in Organizations and Change Management. This first career has influenced my art and my life and I decided to change my career path for artistic activities in 2007.

6943d5_9027b75173b747159876e84f2255c7fc-mv2Tell us about your art and your artistic path

My art is about an important concept to me: the concept of Duality. Duality is interesting because it implies a tension or opposition between two elements but it also involves a range of possibilities between the two. Things are never black or white. There are infinite possibilities within and outside our comfort zone. Beyond this duality, I introduce the concept of Infinity. I find interesting to look for possibilities outside the frame. I like also to use natural elements such as water of trees to illustrate the concept, since natural elements are the essence of life.

My work is a way to approach our environment and our space differently, find the right balance between things and explore infinite possibilities out of the box. That’s why my collection is called ‘Infinite Conceptual Space’,

As I like to say: Art is always a personal story, both from the point of view of the artist and the one who admires.

Can you describe your artistic process?

My work starts by deconstructing the Space in two parts to illustrate dualities, starting point of the infinity of choices. The forms are sometimes geometrical and architectural; sometimes there is a fluidity in lines that breaks the linearity. Colors give also the feeling of Duality by using warm or cool tonalities. In space, these colors are in duality and in tension. I make density changes in the painting to pop up oppositions or tensions between different states.

13235381_1020369648041124_4712105089250348775_o Who are your favorite artists or influencers?

I have so many artists that I like from different period of time! I was really influenced in my paintings by Masters such as Titian, Michelangelo, Véronèse, Van Eyck, Van Dyck, Pompeo Batoni, … I like Renoir for intense colors and the textures.I like Warhol and Lichtenstein. I like also very much Alberto Burri and Richard Diebenkorn.In a general way, I like powerful paintings, by the subject, the intensity of the color, the density in the work, the tension, the texture.

How do you get inspired for your new creations?

I’m always inspired by what surrounds me in the day-to-day life. I like to observe and I can sit down for long time without doing anything except observing and feeling the atmosphere. In the subway, I like to observe people, the environment and the general mood. I find it more interesting than watching my phone. I never judge, I always take what comes to me as a source of inspiration.

6943d5_a4ee34435cea44588bd0c3d24f02619d-mv2What is the question you’re asked you the most?

Where do you come from?

What is the question you’d like to be asked?

Not really a specific question, but I like it when people ask me about my work.

18119203_1370798946331524_8953700065669389871_nWhat are your projects for the coming months / year?

I’m one of the Contemporary Artists selected by a panel of Art Experts to participate to The Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art taking place at the Brooklyn Art Expo Center from June 1st to 4th. I will exhibit part of my collection ‘Infinite Conceptual Space’ in booth #100. Then I have a show in NYC at the National Academy Museum & School.

To get a Free Access to visit the Other Art Fair:

CODE : AnneVandyckeComp

To Follow and know more about Anne:

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