Carole Jury: a painter in love with Abstraction and Design

Carole Jury

French abstract painter Carole Jury is a worthy heir of the famous artist Pierre Soulages. She shares with him his love for texture and playing with the medium to create shapes and lines. Still, when Soulages is known for his use of blacks, Carole works in a more varied palette including reds, blues and browns. Carole follows her inspiration to create her own dances of shadow and light. 

After only two years in the US, Carole’s work is already present in many private collections, she’s a partner of Bo Concept Princeton interior designers and her work has been selected by France Pavilion for their 2017 US tour. A passionate artist and a charming person. Thanks Carole for sharing your story!

Tell us about yourself: Where do you live? What is your background?

I arrived in Princeton – New Jersey, two years ago with my family. When we decided to move, I was in charge of the Communications department in a French Chemical Company. I saw this move as a life opportunity to transform my passion for art into a new career. I had never dared to dream about it before. It was an amazing project! New life and New Challenges!

Tell us about your art and how do you get inspired for your new creations?

I like playing with textured strokes, nuances of color and brightness. Photography is another of my passion. The majority of my paintings are inspired by my photos, which give me a guide for colors, textures, and reliefs of my abstract painting. Oil paint naturally lends itself plasticity and superimposition. It’s for this principal reason that I love working with this medium.

detail of Carole Jury’s painting mixing fabric and oil paint

Can you describe your artistic process?

As soon as my canvas is prepared with the background color, I use all kind of tools like knives, spoons, brushes and whatever I have in my studio. I like integrating new materials like fabrics, metal…It’s a toy building set!

Who are your favorite artists or influencers?

Even if I’m interested in many art movements, my favorite artist remains Pierre Soulages. Strength and refinement emerge from his paintings.

I love it…Furthermore, I’m passionate about interior design and I need to imagine my own paintings surrounded by modern design furniture. I consider that interior design is an art and therefore my paintings are part of the process.

What is the question you ask yourself the most?

I often ask myself if I bring enough movement and depth on my canvas.

What are your projects for the coming months?

I’m so proud to have been selected by France Pavilion to participate to their 2017 art show. After Raleigh –North Carolina, in February, I’ll be part of the Art Exhibit in Houston – Texas on March 2-5 and in Washington DC on May. It’s very exciting to be among these talented French artists with a mix of emerging and established artists like Richard Orlinski.

I’m also working on an event on March 30th with my partner BoConcept Princeton. I like working with their designers and we created many exciting custom projects, where fine art meets interior design.

Another exhibit will be organized with Calligaris (Italian designers) at King Of Prussia, in Pennsylvania and with French Wink, a platform to support French creation, in NYC before the summer.

Challenges and projects are always what I prefer…Also, there will be other surprises to be expected in the coming months!

img_2394To know more and follow Carole Jury:

Facebook:   @art.paintings.carole.jury

Instagram: carole.jury

Twitter: @carolejury2

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