Marine Futin: A creative journey through music, painting & more!

marine-1Marine Futin is a woman of many talents: singer, guitarist, composer, painter, producer, graphist, social media expert… You name it! It could be annoying if she wasn’t so charming on top of the rest. 🙂 With already 2 albums (on Spotify and itunes), many concerts (France, USA, Asia) and paintings under her belt, Marine takes the best of both her French culture and her life in America to create and get inspired. Thanks Marine for this fun chat and all the best in your creative journey!

Tell us about yourself: Where do you live? What is your background? 

I have been living in New York for 5 years and I am now in between New York and San Francisco. I studied business and right after I graduated, I created MCO, an artistic production company. I wanted to produce and develop my artistic projects, which are painting (I draw with soft pastels) and music (I lead a folk jazz band). I moved to New York in 2011 because I wanted to record my debut album in the heart of the world jazz scene, so I could play and perform with musicians I was inspired by.

You’re both a musician and a painter. Tell us about the different aspects of your art. 

It’s an alternative circle. I’ve been doing both since I’m little. I painted for 10 years in France, and then music took a bigger place in my life. Now that the album has been released, I am going back to pastels. I feel like it goes accordingly to an emotional flow: each media enables me to express different things, and I love to switch from one to another, from sound to colors. They complete each other.

How is it to be a French singer in NYC? How do you promote your new album?

It’s fun! Especially because I sing in French 😉 I love this idea of music being a universal connector. Being here helped me to develop the “musical” aspect of my music, and I learnt how impactful it is, as much as lyrics are. I feel like a song goes beyond the words: the way you sing it, the melody, the rhythm  of the vocal .. it all says something, and we absorb it.

Where does inspiration come from?

Life! Emotions inspire me the most. I am fascinated by our way of connecting to each other, the interactions between two persons, and self-development.

marine-3What is your biggest achievement?

My debut album. It was a dream to record and produce it here. I worked on it for 10 years (at least, in my head), and the feeling of pulling all of the pieces together was one of the best feeling ever. As an artist, I feel like achievement comes when your inner creative vision gets out of you. It was so important to me to bring it out!

Who are your main artistic influences?

Musically, I love singer songwriters like Tingsek, Emiliana Torrini, Ben Mazué, and Jazz Band like E.S.T or The Bad Plus .. Visually, nature and people are my biggest inspiration.

What is the question you’re asked the most?

What do you prefer?  Well, it depends of the mood of the day 😉

What is the question you’d like to be asked?

What’s the next project you’re working on.

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-4-40-39-pmWhat are your projects for the coming months / year?

Ah! You see 😉 I am working on a second album – now is the creative process stage so I’m taking the time to live and write new materials. I’d like to exhibit my new “faces” as well next year, so I am working on new paintings. And I’m starting to make Jewelry! More to come soon 🙂

marine-4To know more and follow Marine:

album: Spotify and itunes 


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