Maya is making the world a better place

603774_603959499739927_5764711787891493929_nSome people have an inner light. It’s what I felt when I met Maya Rowencak, Founder and President of the charity Maya’s hope .

Maya dedicates herself, surrounded by a team of volunteers, to help children in need because “every child has value”. The charity focuses on children from the Philippines and Ukraine with different needs from education to health.

In a few years, Maya’s hope has saved and changed many lives for the better. Maya has a dream, a hope and she manages to make it happen thanks to this amazing organization she created and to her contagious passion.

If you’re in New York, make sure to attend the Maya Lotus Ball in November. And if you’re further, there are many ways to help Maya’s Hope!

Maya, Tell us about yourself: Where do you live? What is your background?

I live in New York City. I majored in piano performance and French Lit. I’m originally from Washington, DC. My mother is Filipino, my father is Ukrainian.

When did you create Maya’s hope and why?

2010 is when Maya’s Hope became an official charity. I started visiting orphanages in 2008. My mom had passed away in 2007 and I felt the loneliness of an orphan. I then started visiting orphananges the following year and fell in love with amazing children and began sending care packages overseas.

Tell us about its mission

Maya’s Hope improves the quality of life of children in need through education, healthcare, and love. 🙂


What makes you most happy with Maya’s hope?

Seeing the children happy and their lives improving. Children are getting adopted so often that I’m mesmerized by the miracles that happen.

What keeps you going no matter what?

Integrity. I feel if I started something, I will be sure to finish it. I promised these kids I would help them and so I won’t let them down.

Do you have a special story that you’d like to share?14207840_1304539679564846_2005917108870031747_o

Yes, but how long do I have? (Advice of the Curious Frenchy: Check Maya’s Hope website or FB page for amazing stories).

Tell us about the upcoming Maya’s Lotus Ball 

Maya’s Hope Lotus Ball is the 5th Annual Gala for Maya’s Hope ! It will be held on Friday, November 4, 2016 at 583 Park Avenue and more details can be found on

How can people help the association?

People can donate, volunteer and spread the word ! and also on Facebook

Team of volunteers and supporters of Maya’s hope

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