Are you in a painting of Karin Jurick?

War Paint, Oil on Panel, 28″x 8″ (museum patrons standing before Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece  ‘Guernica’)

Well you could! Because Karin Jurick loves to capture small moments in the life of people around her, first with her camera and then with her brushes, when they are in a museum, on the beach or simply reading a newspaper on a bench.

Karin perfectly captures these intimate moments with her bright colors and we can all relate to these snapshots.
I e-met Karin thanks to a review about her work on mymodernmet and I fell in love with it immediately. I will confess a particular fondness for her portraits of patrons of Museums because theses paintings-into-the-painting makes us rediscover these masterpieces and her talent leave me speechless (and longing to own a piece of her!).
She kindly accepted to answer to a few questions and I am so grateful she shared with me her inspiring story. Many thanks Karin!
So will you spot yourself in one of her paintings? check her website to check! 🙂
Hi Karin, Can you tell us about yourself: Where do you live? What is your background?
I live outside of Atlanta.  I moved here in 1979 with my parents, from Chicago, to help
open a picture framing business.  I went to Atlanta College of Art for one year then GA State U, majoring in illustration.  Meanwhile I worked at the shop full-time, to pay for school, dropped out when my mother passed three years later, to help my dad run the business.  After my father passed in 1990, I relocated the shop and remained open until I closed up for good in 2011.
Tell us about your art and your artistic path?
Under the rainbow, Oil on masonite 9″x 9″
I gave up on the art during my working years and after 9/11 occurred, I started painting
small pieces in acrylic, really small, and sold them to customers and started auctioning them on eBay.  It enabled me to keep my seven employees during a down time, and that was my income from then on.  After I saved enough, I built a small studio in my backyard and started learning oils.  In about three months, I started selling paintings on eBay on a regular basis and entered into a gallery in Atlanta a year or so later.
Still working part-time, I kept up the small pieces on auctions, entered into several galleries, parted with some along the way and made the decision to paint full-time and close up the shop after 33 years in business.  That was about 5-1/2 years ago.
Can you describe your process?
I work from my own photos, on my computer, which sits beside my easel.  A common day is to go thru the photos, choose one, work with it on Photoshop, cropping,etc and paint all day.  Most small paintings are completed in a day’s work.  The larger, more realized paintings for galleries take two days to a week.
We still have Paris, oil on masonite, 12″x12″. A young couple immersed in Caillebotte’s ‘Rainy day, Paris street’ in the art institute of Chicago
How do you get inspired for your new creations?
When inspiration lacks, I get out in the world and take pictures, return home and usually get right into a new painting.
Do you have an anecdote you’d like to share?
I was in a gallery in San Francisco and Seattle, looking perhaps to join another but I didn’t know where I’d like to go or fit in.  I got an email from the owner of a gallery in Hilton Head, South Carolina – never been there, didn’t know much about the area but I knew the gallery – I had bookmarked it a couple of years back because some of my favorite artists were there.  When the owner called me, I thought it wasn’t real.  Why me?  He told me he spotted my work in a magazine ad in American Art Collector and would like for me to try it out in a future group show.  I was stunned.  I did just that, and have been with his gallery ever since.  Note that I pulled out of the other two within a couple of years – mainly because I realized that an artist should and must be treated fairly and inspired to do their best work – which is what I got from the Hilton Head gallery and not from the others.  It was a good decision and I’ve stuck to that principle.
What is the question people ask you the most?
Has anyone in your paintings recognized themselves?  The answer is no, not yet.  I did hear from a woman once that was at the same museum in Washington, DC when I was – I had written about it on my blog.  I asked her to describe herself, her clothes, and looking thru my photos, I spotted her.
What is the question you’d like to be asked?
I’d like an oil paint company to ask me to put their logo on my blog and in return I’d get all my paint for free.  Same with the panels, same with the brushes.
What are your projects for the coming months/year?
I have several group show coming up in the fall and winter I’m working on.  Then a solo show in March.
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